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Interoute’s Unified Connectivity (UConn) is an integrated platform that delivers any service(s) over any access type, allowing in-life service changes, enabling you to connect your people, buildings and data in whatever way suits you, how it suits you, when it suits you.


Interoute’s SDN capable network provides customer with a huge amount of control over how content is accessed and provides an extremely flexible and fast method of migrating services into the cloud without compromising on either the levels of privacy or SLA that are associated with an MPLS backbone.




Public cloud simplicity, private cloud security

Public cloud simplicity: every VPN is connected to VDC which is connected to the internet. you’re in the cloud already



We merge the data centre into the MPLS network using SDN, linking your VPSs on VLANs to your VPN VRFs.





The basic steps


1. Tell us the location


2. Choose Access Line


  • xDSL
  • Leased Line
  • Ethernet



3. Choose Service(s)



Unified Connectivity Service Gateway: MPLS, VPLS & Ethernet services to internet, cloud and voice





By separating the physical connectivity from the services that are available over that connection, we offer you the ultimate flexibility to change your service mix and bandwidths in line with your IT and business needs and break free of the traditional 3-5 year telecommunications procurement cycle.