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Interoute's VDC platform is built into the core of our network.  As a result, this provides you with the ultimate flexibility, performance and security for your solution. The platform is private by default, and your servers do not need to use the internet to communicate.

Unlike other cloud providers, we do not use an imitation “private” environment using a simple tunnel over the insecure, non guaranteed Internet.  With our VDC platform, your server environment is completely private, giving you the ability to decide what is able to connect to the public Internet.

Additionally, we do not charge for data transfer between our zones and the internet, subject to our generous fair use policy. Therefore you have no hidden or unknown network charges to worry about.

Other Clouds vs. Interoute Cloud

Not only does Interoute VDC come with its own free global connectivity it also seamlessly integrates with your existing environments with free interconnects.

Interoute Dedicated Private Network

  • *Complete digital Integration: By integrating your existing network with VDC your cloud is now immediately private by default.
  • *Public/Private/Hybrid: All now possible with one single integrated platform.
  • *Totally secure: No need for any services to touch the Internet that don’t require it.
  • *Guaranteed performance: Uncontended network from VDC to your network.
  • *Provider flexibility: Move from or integrate with any IaaS, Cloud or network vendor with ease.
  • *No hidden charges: We don’t charge for any network or IOPS.