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Interoute’s Virtual Data Centre (VDC) is Interoute’s scalable, fully automated compute platform. VDC provides on demand computing, storage & applications integrated into the heart of your IT infrastructure.  

Interoute Virtual Data Centre

Interoute VDC is the first cloud computing solution that can be deployed with the simplicity and convenience of the public cloud, combined with the security and confidence that a private cloud brings.

The ability to offer fully automated public and private cloud on the same platform makes VDC unique. 

Interoute Virtual Data Centre combines computing virtualisation in the cloud with network virtualisation in the ground. VDC delivers virtual IT infrastructure as a fully automated online service and connects across Europe using Interoute’s virtualised MPLS fibre optic network.

Interoute VDC is the virtual equivalent of a real physical data centre. It gives you the same control and resource as having your own data centre but without the cost of buying equipment, power, colocation, network and manpower.  Within your Virtual Data Centre you can choose to build your server, switching and storing in exactly the same way as you would in the physical world. You can specify RAM, CPU and storage to create any configuration you want, as often as you like. This allows you to add new applications and services very quickly.


Interoute Virtual Data Centre differentiates by offering a ‘real’ alternative to building infrastructure without compromising security, availability, speed or control.

Interoute Unified Computing
  • Virtual Data Centre: Providing full IaaS compute resources for all general computing requirements, with no contended RAM.
  • VDC Dedicated Infrastructure: To provide performance guarantees for larger workloads or workload isolation.
  • Co-location: For all non ‘cloud ready’ servers or assets that are still depreciating offering full hybrid cloud solutions.