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We are a global managed service provider delivering services from UK based data centres and call centres, supported by four regional support and service desks, to Public Sector agencies, bodies and organisations enabling them to focus on proactively reducing the cost of communication services whilst simultaneously delivering new, joined-up and shared public services for the benefit of citizens.
We have over twenty years’ experience designing and delivering secure and robust connectivity solutions, as well as installing and providing secure cloud-based computing services. We’ve done this across all categories of Public Sector businesses, from local government and defence to employment and healthcare.
We are wholly committed to the quality, discipline and security ethos brought about by standards compliance, and are accredited to ISO, ITIL, CAS(T) standards and have obtained information security clearance up to security level IL3. Additionally we adhere to industry standards for service operation, delivery and project management such as Prince II and ITIL.
Today, Interoute is responsible for and manages some of the most technically challenging, diverse and rapidly changing IT environments in the UK.

Delivering on your organisational goals 

The Public Sector faces many tough challenges in today’s age of austerity. Demanding, technologically savvy end-users have increasingly high service expectations which need to be met and managed within the confines of diminishing budgets. Whilst at the same time embracing new strategies, policies and initiatives put in place to drive the adoption of new technologies and approaches to procurement that will benefit the end-user, for example ‘The Cloud First’ policy, the Government Digital Strategy and the Public Services Network (PSN).
Interoute is on hand to support your organisation as you work to make these objectives a reality:
  • We can transform, aggregate, integrate and automate your business processes and communications to make your operations more efficient.
  • We can deliver new services to citizens in a robust and secure fashion across a range of devices and over multiple channels.
  • We can put the right tools in the hands of your organisation so that you can achieve greater levels of effectiveness in your day-to-day activities.
  • As a result you will realise a strong return on investment by delivering a higher level of service to your end-users, stakeholders and citizens, whilst reducing your operating costs.

Approved and appointed

Interoute is an approved provider delivering services as part of the Public Services Network (PSN). In 2012, we were one of a handful of managed service providers appointed to assist the UK government in its mission to create a network of networks and drive greater efficiency through all public sector bodies with the enablement of shared services.
In 2013 we were appointed as a supplier to the G-Cloud programme – an initiative put in place to provide simple and immediate access for all government departments, devolved administrations, local authorities, wider public sector bodies and arm’s length bodies to cloud-based services from a range of vendors and suppliers. The objective of this programme is to use the capability of the Cloud to drive economic growth, to achieve cost savings and to provide the flexibility to create a more efficient, accessible means of delivering services to the public.
In 2004 Interoute was selected as a provider to Janet – a telecommunications framework with the primary aim of providing and developing a network infrastructure that meets the needs of the research and education communities.
Interoute is an active participant with industry specific associations – such as Socitm and PSNGB – and benefits from the strong collaboration and communication links with local government and other suppliers that these professional bodies offer.

Health & Social Care Network (HSCN) Compliant



NHS Digital has selected Interoute as a compliant supplier of the Health and Social Care Network (HSCN).

HSCN replaced N3 and provides a more flexible and efficient way for organisations to access and share information. HSCN gives health and social care organisations a wide choice of network suppliers able to provide flexible and robust connectivity.

We have extensive experience in delivering public sector networks that enable collaboration between multiple agencies delivering citizen centric services. With Interoute, Cloud connectivity is fully supported, alongside the delivery of wi-fi solutions that are free to the public visiting your sites.

Local Authorities and Health Authorities throughout England can learn more by contacting us at


Crown Commercial Service Supplier


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Interoute has been appointed to multiple lots on the Network Services Framework agreement – a UK Government procurement initiative to reduce public spending costs. This framework provides customers with continued access to networks and telecommunications services, including PSN compliant services. It delivers savings, choice and flexibility for all publicly funded organisations, while ensuring compliance with the wider government technology strategy through ongoing engagement with the Government Digital Service (GDS).