Direct Internet Access

Direct Internet Access

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Today’s rapidly evolving world of technology brings with it fresh challenges.
The adoption of cloud-based business-critical apps, bandwidth-hungry video services, and an increasingly dispersed workforce mean high-quality internet access has never been more important.
Interoute's high-speed, high-performance, internet access offers the scalability & support you‘d expect from one of Europe's top ISPs plus a wide range of additional features to match the needs of today's enterprises. 


Broad technology portfolio

Full range of services whether it is: DSL; FTTC; bonded services; fibre leased lines; or Ethernet that you’re looking for, we have it.

Range of capacities

From 2Mbps to multiple 10Gbps services, whatever your size or location we have the bandwidth options to meet your needs. 

Managed or wires only

Fully managed, pre-configured CPE. Or a ‘wires only’ option if you wish to manage the service yourself.

Highly resilient

Providing automatic failover, geographical resilience, or on-net v off-net options for the highest levels of redundancy.

Next generation network

Our services provide direct access to the internet via our fully supported, next generation native IPv4 / IPv6 IP network.

CDN access

No matter where your users are, they will always get the fastest response from their internet access.

Why Interoute?

When you take internet access from Interoute, you’re plugging in to our Digital Transformation Platform & instantly gaining access to one of Europe’s largest private networks and largest clouds.

The majority of Europe’s access providers are directly connected to our IP network, giving your end users exceptional performance.

We’ll support you both centrally and at a local level.

Fully supported. 24x7 monitoring & support from our NOC (Network Operations Centre)

High-level customer service. Responsive, proactive CSC & dedicated account management team

Customer portal. Online portal offering comprehensive reporting

Best SLAs. Competitive & flexible Service Level Agreements

Flexible billing. Fixed rate, or committed data rate plus burst usage.

In Interoute we have found a partner who can match the high levels of performance and quality that UEFA and its competitions stand for.


Extra Information

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Q. What different options do I have for connecting to the Internet?
A. There are several ways you can connect to the Internet. To determine which one is best for you, you need to think about the needs of your company. Connection speed will be a vital factor – both the speed for downloading and for uploading. The different options for connecting to the Internet are as follows:

  • Broadband (using mainly traditional copper-based DSL technologies)
  • Fibre Broadband (using FTTC / VDSL technolgies). This uses fibre for most of route with copper for the very last leg to your premises. It significantly increases speeds normally available with traditional DSL services
  • Bonded Broadband or bonded or fibre broadband. Multiple circuits are 'bonded' together to give you extra bandwidth and resilience
  • EFM (Ethernet First Mile). Uses a technology that allows for 'symmetrical' or 'synchronous' speeds unlike ADSL. It also delivers higher bandwidth than traditionall broadband, and can run on both copper & fibre
  • Fibre Leased Line. Provides a dedicated fibre circuit directly to your premises
Q. Do you provide the IP addresses?
A. We provide single and multiple static IP addresses that can be used for your public facing systems.
Q. Can you provide IPv6 addresses?
A. Yes. Our next generation network is both IPv4 and IPv6 native. 
Q. If you provide the router at my site, do you also manage it?
A. We provide a range of fully managed routers suitable for the access types being deployed. We will configure, monitor, maintain and fix or replace the router as part of that service. We offer resilient designs with hot standby dual routers.
Q. What if I don't want a fully managed service? 
A. Wires only services are also available.
Q. Technically what access types do you provide?
A. Our access types are as follows:
  • xDSL:
    • Bonded ADSL, SDSL & FTTC / VDSL (our innovative EtherStream services)
  • Ethernet:
    • Ethernet over FTTC
    • EFM
    • Fibre Leased Lines (Ethernet over Fibre)
  • Includes a range of shared and dedicated bandwidth options from multiple carriers
  • Access type availability subject to location

Q. Do you provide network monitoring?
A. Yes. Portal based applications provide visibility of the performance and health of each of your sites.

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