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Video as a Service (VaaS)

Video as a Service (VaaS)

VaaS – so much more than just video conferencing

Video as a Service is a fully managed visual communication solution complete with high capacity low latency connectivity from Interoute’s High Definition next–generation network. It includes installation, set up and a range of support services.

Interoute’s VaaS provides much more than just the physical equipment needed to make a video call. It’s a fully managed service to ensure that your move to video meetings brings all the business benefits without the IT headaches. From virtual receptionists to greet people as they join the meetings, to the option of specialist technical support team on standby to ensure your important meetings run smoothly, Interoute has you covered. We can provide internal marketing and training packages, so you can understand and manage usage to get the most benefit from the solution and determine the ROI to your business.

We offer a wide choice of high definition video conferencing equipment, from fully immersive systems to room based, desk based and PC clients. And thanks to Interoute’s High Definition next generation network, video services can be delivered with razor sharp images to any of the high definition video conferencing equipment we install, set up and manage for you. This also means that we can manage the entire service for you, from video equipment and support to the network on which it runs, allowing you to enjoy benefits such as outstanding visual communication, secure scalability, simplicity and resilience.

Having all these benefits from one sole supplier is a self say to why Interoute makes one of the strongest competitors on the market. And in addition, through Video as a Service you can benefit from a wide range of support services:

Interoute’s VaaS Concierge services

Interoute’s virtual meeting reception desk receives bookings for reception services. There are also a range of services to support complex or priority meetings that are offered as pay as you go, or can be part of a package with a fixed monthly price.

Meeting Host – Meeting assistance

Interoute’s Meeting Host service includes access to one of Interoute’s dedicated support specialists at the start of a video conference meeting to ensure the meeting runs smoothly. When combined with Interoute’s user training, carried out by our dedicated training team, the Meeting Host service actively helps users adapt to a new meeting process and leads to successful productive meetings.

Benefits include:

  • Help in booking video meetings.
  • Guidance in starting up all the sites which will be included in the video conference meeting.
  • Assistance when the meeting starts, top tips and instructions;
  • Use of the remote control and system functions, for example how to connect a PC or switch the microphone off.
  • Lighting and positioning of participants in the video room for optimum image.

Meeting Monitor – proactive technical meeting support

For priority meetings or ones connecting a large number of sites, the Meeting Monitor service can be used to provide specialist technical support to monitor the entire meeting remotely and ensure that all sites are connected all the time. With this service a dedicated Meeting Monitor will watch over the meeting from our Video Network Operation Centre to proactively manage it. A dedicated hotline number to your Meeting Monitor can also be provided.

Meeting Secretary – Support to Minute Meetings

Our Meeting Secretary service is available to record your meeting. A summary of the meeting is provided along with the actions from the meeting. The summary and actions are e-mailed to the meeting leader within three days. Meeting recordings can be viewed live or after the event, on demand. (Interoute will sign a confidentiality agreement for this service if required.)

Video Recording & Archiving

  • Up to 2 hours recording.
  • Storage 30 days with clickable link.
  • Up to 10 simultaneous viewers.

Meeting Connection – interoperability connections to external parties

Meeting Connection is a connection service for meetings with external contacts, customers, suppliers, or partners. Meeting Connection helps to set up these calls when you’re not sure about the receiver’s system and connection facilities.

Combine all these solutions and you will be able to enjoy fully managed Video as a Service, from the High Definition network to the actual setting up of a meeting. Experts will guide you along the way to ensure a proper setup, training and implementation. This is what we call Video as a Service!

Why Interoute?

To bring real benefits to your business, video conferencing has to be high quality. And high definition video needs a high definition network to deliver it.

Interoute combines the expertise of Europe’s largest visual communication provider, and the experience of Europe’s largest and most advanced digital network operator, to bring benefits to customers across the globe. A qualified partner for the two largest vendors, Cisco and Polycom, Interoute provides customer benefits in four key areas:

  • Outstanding visual communication quality based on the latest high end systems from multiple vendors

and Interoute’s state of the art international network, combined with the best expertise to ensure your system is optimized for quality and reliability

  • All our video services are supported with end to end SLA’s and specialist IT teams.
  • Secure scalability – Grow your video community with integration of external IP and ISDN users via secure gateways and support for PC video clients including Microsoft Lync.
  • Resilience – Interoute VaaS is a resilient service hosted in secure data centres. This protects against common single point of failure issues that are often present in dedicated solutions.
  • Simplicity – Fully managed service including integration of your corporate address book – just click to select a name and call.

Interoute enhances video service with:

  • Provision of a full end-to-end solution from consultancy, installation to ongoing service.
  • Managed professional services.
  • Hosted video conference sessions.
  • Remote management and control.
  • Reporting and monitoring services.
  • Round the clock support from a Cisco, Polycom and Microsoft qualified partner.
  • Video coach user support for increased utilisation and improved ROI.


Interoute offers three VaaS solutions for customers:

  • Internet based video conferencing connecting across the public internet.
  • Premium high quality video conferencing connecting across a secure Interoute Private Network.
  • A hybrid solution designed for use with any existing customer video conferencing infrastructure such as conference bridge equipment.

For the Internet based and premium solutions, all video conference bridging equipment is hosted by Interoute within its secure cloud and delivered as a service. Interoute ensures the latest software and security upgrades are proactively updated.

The Premium solution offers enhanced capability using a dedicated video network to assure high definition premium quality in point-to-point and multi-point calls. The entire solution is administered by Interoute, with statistics, on demand upgrades, phonebooks and support included. The hybrid solution is a very flexible solution designed to accommodate a wide range of bespoke customer requirements. It makes it possible to fully integrate Unified Communications (UC) with Video Conferencing (VC). Microsoft OCS and Lync clients for example can be bridged together with a range of different vendor video conference systems.

Interoute provides the following elements for managed video end-points.

  • Upgrade end-points automatically with new software.
  • Upgrade the central telephone directory when changes are made.
  • Facility for proactive support as information about faults seen directly by Interoute.
  • Detailed statistical reports (use, system list, ROI, CO2 discharge etc).

The end-point services are in addition to the Interoute provided elements for the Video Infrastructure service:

  • Upgrade the system automatically with new software.
  • Upgrade settings when changes are made.
  • Facility for proactive support as information about faults seen by Interoute directly.
  • Continual function checking.

With Interoute’s Video as a Service we can take over operation of hardware at customer sites as well as management of cloud based video bridging.

 Prices are quoted per system and related cloud hosted video services such as the core multi-point bridging capability.