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Managed Storage

Managed Storage

Interoute offers a range of managed storage solutions to provide the best fit for our customers’ budget, capacity, performance and compliance needs. By taking advantage of our unrivalled datacentre footprint, which spans six European countries, you don’t need to compromise on your data residency or the level of privacy.

When it comes to capacity planning, particularly for storage, choice is paramount in your decision making process. Therefore, Interoute will help you fully understand your storage requirements, and we can then provide the best solution fit, managed by an experienced team of storage experts 24x7.

You can choose either managed dedicated storage solutions, or, for increased flexibility and capacity, you can opt for a range of multi-tenanted cloud storage solutions.

The Interoute Managed Storage portfolio is built to address your needs from low level archive storage to high performance storage for intensive database environments.

Interoute’s Managed Storage Service provides you with the ability to choose from the two below factors:

  • Multi-tenanted Cloud Storage (Storage as a Service)
  • Dedicated Storage


Key Features & Benefits

  • Make sure your data is stored where you want it 
    Interoute operates 10 European Data Centres across six different countries, which provides you with choice over where their data is located. Therefore, we can ensure data retains its sovereignty for compliance reasons or can be located in close proximity to users and systems.
  • Protect your systems against data loss
    If problems occur with data pollution or corruption, in a data critical example it is no longer acceptable to default to a nightly backup, whereby data could be up to a day old. The Interoute snapshot service helps you achieve an application aware data copy every hour. With each snapshot only taking a second to complete, this is an ideal way to add a crucial layer of protection to key systems and applications.
  • Flexible storage options help drive cost efficiencies
    Our ability support a range of storage performance tiers, protocols and factors combined with either a pay as you use or up front hardware purchase, frees you to optimise your spend. By being able to blend these models, means that you can attain a hybrid storage model which fits the perfect profile for both the technical and commercial goals.
  • Specialist storage architects on hand to help with sizing and design
    Our team of storage architectures are available to assist with the design phase to ensure you have the right solution to meet more your needs at the outset with capacity for future growth and performance demands.
  • Taking away the management burden
    Interoute’s operations centres will proactively monitor and manage the storage environment 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We reduce the operational overhead by performing tasks such as updates, performance management and maintenance.
  • Replicate your data across our datacentres
    Take advantage of our network and datacentre footprint across Europe to build resilient architecture with no single point of failure. The ability to replicate data across storage platforms is commonly used to facilitate always on or disaster recovery environments. This capability enables services such as VMware clusters, Oracle and SQL databases, and file servers to be available in a secondary data centre in the event of a major problem at the primary site.
  • Peace of mind security
    ISO27001 accredited security processes complemented by best practice storage configuration to isolate, secure and protect customer data.
  • Best of breed vendors
    Interoute’s storage options are delivered through best of breed vendor partnerships such as Netapp & HP.



Multi-tenanted Cloud Storage

Interoute’s multi-tenanted cloud storage provides an enterprise storage solution in a scalable pay as you grow model.
Storage as a Service enables a business to take advantage of advanced storage features without the upfront investment of purchasing dedicated storage hardware.
The service provides ease of implementation and management which allows businesses to free up capital expenditure in order to significantly reduce internal IT spending. In addition, the service can incorporate data protection features which reduce downtime.
Interoute provides a range of Storage Tiers which is a concept of logically grouping storage components in a way which can match customer’s requirements for data. For example, some data may require high levels of performance and redundancy as it needs to be accessed quickly and frequently for day-to-day operations. On the other hand, other types of data may be used for less demanding applications and therefore does not require the same level of performance and redundancy.

  • Tier 1 High performance block level storage  (SAN, SAS, iSCSI)
  • Tier 2 Lower performance file storage (NAS, SATA, CFS or NFS)
  • Tier 3 Object storage



Dedicated Storage

Interoute offers scalable dedicated storage solutions from best of breed vendors.

The unified storage hardware allows you to focus on sizing the overall capacity requirement and working with our architects to find the optimal delivery protocol, whether that be FC, FCoE, iSCSI, NFS, or CIFS.

You can then select the appropriate hardware build choosing from either a range of bundled configurations or a bespoke design selecting the appropriate shelves, disks, resiliency, and network option to suit the environment.

Utilising industry leading technologies, Interoute can provide flexible Dedicated Storage Area Network (SAN), Network Attached Storage (NAS) and Direct Attached Storage (NAS) solutions for demanding requirements, where customised platforms can be deployed to meet specific regulatory compliance and performance needs.



Managed Backup & Recovery

 Interoute delivers a range of enterprise-class backup and recovery solutions, enabling businesses to securely store all critical data while spending less capital and internal resources dealing with the implementation and day-to-day management of the backup system.

Providing flexibility is important as no one business is the same. Interoute is able to provide additional backup on demand to meet the specific need.

Interoute’s range of backup and recovery solutions include:

  • Disk based Snapshots
  • Standard Backup Service (flat file)
  • Application backups (open file)
  • NDMP Backup
  • Off-site data backup



Interoute Managed Security Services

Compromise on enterprise security and you could compromise your enterprise.  Interoute understands that network security presents complex challenges to most enterprises. Interoute offerd a multi layered approach when providing security services, ranging from: 

  • DDoS Mitigation – Network based mitigation of DDoS attacks no matter where you are on Interoute’s network
  • Next Generation Firewalls – Managed Next Generation Firewall service provided in the network with
  • Network Intrusion Prevention – A managed service that offers packet inspection and malware blocking to protect our customers
  • Content Filtering – The capability to manage and control the most persistent vectors of attack by filtering both email and web content
  • Managed 2Factor Authentication- supporting 2FA as either a complement for Roaming Access via IPsec or SSL as well as a standalone service
  • Security Consultancy - provided by key selected partners, each partner has been evaluated on the basis of their skills and capabilities in supporting Interoute customers.

For more information on our security services, visit our managed security page.