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Managed Security Services

Managed Security Services

Compromise on enterprise Security and you could compromise your enterprise.

Protecting our customers networks with Interoute Managed Security Services.


Technology is changing the way people work. Businesses are more mobile and connected than ever before, supported by recent innovations such as cloud computing, e-commerce, Wi-Fi, web applications, online file sharing and videoconferencing. All this innovation offers great opportunities and benefits for enterprises of all sizes– it also brings more risks.

Beware of false economies! Cybercrime costs businesses billions a year globally and there are new threats emerging all the time. You need to safeguard your organisation without breaking the bank. Interoute can help.

Interoute understands that network security presents complex challenges to most enterprises. Providing an adequate response usually involves a significant investment in people and equipment, There is also no single product offers protection against all forms of attack.


Interoute offers a multi layered approach to providing security services to its customers:

  • DDoS Mitigation – Network based mitigation of DDoS attacks no matter where you are on Interoute’s network
  • Next Generation Firewalls – Managed Next Generation Firewall service provided in the network with
  • Network Intrusion Prevention – A managed service that offers packet inspection and malware blocking to protect our customers
  • Content Filtering – The capability to manage and control the most persistent vectors of attack by filtering both email and web content
  • Managed 2Factor Authentication - supporting 2FA as either a complement for Roaming Access via IPsec or SSL as well as a standalone service
  • Security Consultancy - provided by key selected partners, each partner has been evaluated on the basis of their skills and capabilities in supporting Interoute customers.


All Interoute Managed Security Services offer our customers visibility, reporting and an understanding of what is happening at any point in their security just as they would if it was on their premises.