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Managed Conferencing

Managed Conferencing

The Managed Conferencing Facility is a simple and cost efficient dedicated voice conferencing facility. It offers existing Interoute voice customers further cost savings and productivity benefits. It also offers new Interoute voice customers an easy and beneficial way to test Interoute's voice solution capabilities with an outsourced conferencing solution.

On offer is a way for customer to host conference calls supporting up to 50 participants per conference, with the ability to hold multiple simultaneous conferences. Administration is delivered via the Interoute One web portal and access numbers are available to be purchased in the major European countries and the US. The Outsourced Conference Facility is a natural add-on to Interoute One.


A free trial offer

To experience the benefits of managed conferencing, apply now for a free trial.  This can be easily activated via an on-line application process at


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