Interactive Network Map Troubleshooting

Q: I cannot see/use the map

A: This page is optimised for Google Chrome v54 and above, we suggest you use this browser to view the page. This page will function on Windows Internet Explorer 9 and above, Firefox version 16 and above. If you are on an earlier edition we suggest you update or switch browsers.

Q: I have not received the file(s) requested

A: Once the form is completed and submitted you will receive an email with the requested files as an attachment. If you have not received the email please take the following steps, 1) check your junk mail box, 2) check your spam filter options and update your permission setting to allow emails from , 3) opt in to receive emails from Interoute here. 4) re-submit the form and wait up to 30 minutes. 5) If this does not work please contact your Interoute account manager or for further assistance.

Q: I am having trouble downloading the file(s)

A: When using Google chrome the KMZ Map file should download to your selected folder in KMZ format, the Latency matrix should download in PDF format. When using Window Explorer please take the following steps.

Step1: Select ‘Save’ on the dialog box.

Step 2: Select ‘All Files’ from the dropdown box within the dialogue box.

Step 3: type .kmz after the file name, then select the ‘Save’ button.

The file should now download in KMZ format. If this does not work please contact your Interoute account manager or Service Provider for further assistance.