Digital Transformation

You don’t have to abandon your past to start your future.

The Interoute Enterprise Digital Platform integrates your legacy, third party and digital IT environments onto a single expansive privately-connected cloud infrastructure. So you can start transforming for the future by building on the legacy of your past.


digital transformation

Digitally transforming your business is about creating a competitive advantage, getting closer to your customers and optimising your IT for cost and efficiency. The goal… to be more efficient, agile and competitive in today’s market.

The ability to rationalise, consolidate and create a flexible ICT foundation is key — and for this you need a platform and partner that can deliver both operational stability and cloud flexibility. The benefits to your business:

  • High performance cloud-first capability
  • Legacy digital and 3rd party systems, can be integrated onto one global platform
  • Compliance with data protection and European residency needs
  • Hybrid enterprise capability removes the risk of “all or nothing” commitment

A complete ICT foundation.

Interoute’s Enterprise Digital Platform is embedded into Europe’s largest hyper-scale network and data centre infrastructure platform.

It combines two critical components: elastic private and public cloud, with inherent hybrid extensibility; with our extensive networking capabilities, from 300 direct connect locations globally to end-to-end assured and SD WAN connectivity in over 130 countries.

All with our promise of zero charge for networking and data transfer between nodes. Interoute’s Enterprise Digital Platform gives you global reach with the ability to create secure environments on-demand, with the lowest latencies and highest throughputs of any global cloud provider.

Technology flexibility creates commercial flexibility

Combining all your IT assets, including 3rd party services, brings flexibility and choice. Start small, save money and build future capability with the freedom to change, migrate, consolidate or expand when it suits you, without constraint or compromise.

Managing transition with flexible support

Typically traditional managed services models constrain your ability to off load surveillance and assurance while retaining control and architectural flexibility. Interoute’s Assist model takes a flexible approach to management and service support, from complete outsourcing to on demand cloud and application experts who can advise, support or implement what you need.

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