Interoute's Virtual Data Centre Performance

Performance is more than just processing speed, it's about resiliency and speed of delivery and how your application or service is served. Our platform is N+1 throughout so you’re resilient with even one machine. This is then built onto its own private network providing excellent performance between zones. On top of this we’re also one of the world's largest ISPs, so your platform is built into the heart of ours, becoming part of the fabric of the Internet.
Interoute was built to connect all of the major Global telcos over Europe, and today we run one of the worlds largest fibre optic networks which carries over 40% of Europe's Internet traffic. We know a thing or two about building huge scalable architectures that underpin every type of business, and that’s why we’ve built Interoute Virtual Data Centre (VDC) to be the high performance global cloud.
Interoute's Virtual Data Centre Performance
Interoute VDC is proven to be the fastest cloud. Download free analyst report showing Interoute's network performance versus other leading clouds.

Industry Leader

Interoute was originally designed to serve European telecoms operators with high capacity, big bandwidth services, and we continue to support every major telecoms operator in Europe today.
As demand for digital communications has grown, Interoute expanded its portfolio and expertise to provide international enterprises with infrastructure products, managed solutions and applications.
Continually ahead of the market, Interoute is at the forefront of cloud services, delivering innovative virtualized services across our network and data centres.
Today more than 60% of Interoute's business is from enterprises, while 40% comes from wholesale customers.

Security and Compliance

We work with leaders in highly-regulated industries including Finance, Professional Services and the Public Sector to design platforms which from the network up provide global scalable compute solutions.
VDC from Interoute relies on proven industry best practices and expertise, with security built in from the start. On our own secure network, within our ISO 27001 certified Data Centres, VDC gives you both the flexibility and the control to maintain the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of your data across our solutions.
Whether you want straight IaaS to manage yourself, or if you would like us to provide full platform management we have the solutions expertise to help.
By owning the platform from end to end we can start with security in mind and build on top. Our security team can work with you to build a design encompassing security layers such as multi factor authentication, global load balancing, DDOS protection, managed firewalls and IPS; all combined into a full end to end solution of compute + network + security.