Interoute's Cloud Platform

Interoute Virtual Data Centre: The only cloud built on its own fibre network

What is Interoute Virtual Data Centre?

Interoute Virtual Data Centre (VDC) is an automated and scalable Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud platform providing compute, network and storage. VDC is uniquely built on its own global fibre optic network owned and managed by Interoute. The only smart cloud built on top of a smart network; because of this VDC delivers some key benefits:
  • Private by default when connecting together your traditional on-premise IT, existing legacy public cloud and new applications running on agile VDC infrastructure
  • The industry leader for low-latency, high throughput and intelligent software defined networking with no data transport cost, when compared with legacy public cloud. This enables scalable, distributed architectures than span public cloud, traditional in-house IT and applications running on VDC, with predictable service levels and lower cost
  • Complies with data residency regulations via data centres in 14 zones across the globe. This geographic distribution also means compute on VDC is never far from where the service is being consumed
VDC is the only cloud solution that bridges traditional slow but stable IT, commodity public cloud and fast, new, adaptable IT services that tightly align with organisations digitally transforming their business. All this without the usual cloud-related architectural, billing, security, service level or legal challenges.

Public Cloud Simplicity, Private Cloud Security

  • Public and private on the same platform – The integration of the Interoute private network between your corporate infrastructure and Virtual Data Centre infrastructure with minimal latency and guaranteed service level connectivity eliminates the cost and resource constraints of fully building out a private cloud.
  • Compliance – Interoute has the largest footprint, with management and ownership of its own facilities in Europe, ensuring location and access control is sensitive to your demands.
  • Security – built into the fabric of the Interoute MPLS network, Interoute VDC leverages this secure standard for corporate networking. MPLS provides "Internet any-to-any access" but with label separated security.
  • Integration – Interoute VDC can be used either to extend your web presence or build out your internal corporate IT infrastructure. Use our API to control your VDC infrastructure directly from you existing applications.
  • Architecture – Based on open standards this ensures that as technology changes, Interoute is able to lead, react and respond with a best in class service.
  • Fully automated backup and disaster recovery – Interoute VDC storage options include the ability to create local and remote copies of all your data with the click of a mouse; you can also schedule copies to be made automatically. Choose whether the volume you need is standalone, replicated locally or remotely in one of the other Interoute VDC Centre zones.

Download the Interoute VDC Data sheet

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