Interoute's Cloud Network

We've made building your own global private network on Interoute Virtual Data Centre simple.

Your own network:
  • You manage and build your own IP space, you choose the ranges you want, every member zone is automatically connected on a private meshed network.
Complete Integration
  • We provide free 1Gb/s private interconnects at over 300 locations worldwide, enabling you to easily connect your existing infrastructure into our platform.
  • We can also directly connect you to other cloud providers such as AWS and Azure, where you only pay a fixed rate connection fee .
  • Free data transport and no multiple telecoms suppliers to contract with.
Simple segmentation
  • Network segmentation is made incredibly easy by choosing which machines have access to each network, the Internet and other pools of IT.
Built in Internet
Each zone is locally connected to multiple Internet peering locations, providing;
  • Lightning quick performance.
  • Extreme low latencies.
  • Service level predictability needed for distributed computing.
Simple configuration
  • You can build networks through the simple GUI or script it through the API.
  • As the network is yours there is no complex routing – simply add the network, add the machines and they can communicate securely.