Leadership Profile

Mark Lewis

Mark Lewis

EVP Products and Development

Mark Lewis is responsible for Interoute's product portfolio, spanning enterprise connectivity, cloud and communications services.

He drives Interoute’s Enterprise Digital Platform strategy, aiming to optimise, secure and assure the delivery of applications – whether Interoute’s or SaaS, via the combination of Interoute’s SDN Cloud Fabric, Interoute Virtual Data Centres (VDCs) and the Interoute SD-WAN Edge connectivity portfolio.

Technical Pre-sales, Product Development and P&L Management fall into Mark’s remit, to which he brings more than a decade of industry experience. Mark has held roles in a variety of software industries, including 3D-modelling, content protection and CDNs, which drives his passion to make all of Interoute entirely software-driven by customers – truly code as infrastructure!