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Earnings release

Earnings release

Interoute FY16 and FY17 calendar

Period Date of release Time of call
FY 2016 5th April 2.30pm (BST)
Q1 – 17  23th May 2.30pm (BST)
Q2 – 17 10th August  2.30pm (BST)
Q3 - 17 23rd November  2.30pm (GMT)

Interoute will release its Q3 2017 results on 23rd November at 2.30 (GMT)

Notice of redemption Senior Secured Notes 7.375% due 2020

Notice of redemption 

Investor presentation €640,000,000 Senior Secured Term Loan B

Investor Presentation September 2017

Q2 2017 Releases

Q2 2017 Discussion Materials 

Q2 2017 Reporting Pack 

Q2 2017 Earnings call recording (MP3) 

Q1 2017 Releases

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Q1 2017 Reporting Pack 

Q1 2017 Earnings call recording (MP3) 

FY 2016 Releases

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FY 2016 Earnings call recording (MP3) 

Q3 2016 Releases

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Q3 2016 Reporting Pack 

Q3 2016 Earnings call recording (MP3) 

Investor presentation €250,000,000 Senior Secured Term Loan B

Investor Presentation October 2016 

1HY16 ICHSA Financial Statements  

Explanatory note 1HY16 ICHSA Financial Statements

Q2 2016 Releases

Q2 2016 Discussion Materials 

Q2 2016 Reporting Pack 

Q2 2016 Earnings call recording (MP3) 

Q1 2016 Releases

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Q1 2016 Earnings call recording (MP3) 

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FY 2015 Earnings call recording (MP3)

Q3 2015 Releases

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Q3 2015 Earnings call recording (MP3)

Q2 2015 Releases

Q2 Offering Memo Financials