Case Study: UEFA

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Football is one of the world’s greatest passions and UEFA is a giant in the game.

The Union of European Football Associations is not just the governing body of football in Europe, it is responsible for driving innovation in the way the game is experienced from the ground up. For the last 3 years it has chosen Interoute as its preferred ICT partner.

We host almost all the ICT applications and services used by UEFA, including the website and FAME, its Football Administration and Management Environment that UEFA uses to manage its European Football competitions for the fans, teams, referees, sponsors, media and commercial partners.


Security, from the ground to the cloud.

Daniel Marion, Head of Information and Communications Technology, UEFA gets over 160 million visitors a year. We help make sure they never feel just one of the crowd and get a great individual experience from every click.


Trust, from the ground to the cloud.

Stephane Igolen, Services Director, UEFA

Partnerships grow from trust. In 2014 UEFA announced that it will continue to work with Interoute as its ICT provider of choice for another four years.


Teamwork, from the ground to the cloud.

Stephane Igolen, Services Director, UEFA


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