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Providing high-speed, relaible broadband services at affordable prices.

South West Communications Group (swcomms) is one of South West England's largest providers of enterprise communication services. Since its establishment more than 30 years ago, it has expanded into a multi-million pound business employing over 120 staff. From its Exeter base, the firm supplies comprehensive business communication solutions, incorporating both voice and data.

In addition to being an Internet Service Provider, it also operates the region's largest purpose-built commercial data centre. It's customers come from all sectors and while the firm has a strong tradition of serving the South West's SMEs, it also delivers services to education and healthcare providers, as well as local government organisations.   


Meeting changing customer needs.

Colin Woods, Sales Manager, swcomms

The way that today's businesses operate is fast evolving with connectivity now sitting at the heart of everything that they do. Reliable connectivity solutions are vital to both swcomms and its customers. Colin Woods, Sales Manager at swcomms, explains: Being able to make sure that applications and colleagues are accessible very much comes down to having good communication links.”

Having the latest fibre technology solutions in order to ensure its customers able to access the services they need is imperative. And this is where Interoute was able to step in.


Reliable cloud-based solutions.

Colin Woods, Sales Manager, swcomms

Interoute provides swcomms with its bonded fibre-to-the-cabinet (FTTC) technology in order to provide high-speed, highly-reliable broadband services.

Woods described this as an “exciting addition” to swcomms’ portfolio, not just for the higher speeds it can deliver, but also the reliability assurances that come with it. "The key thing for us in recommending and deploying this service is that it has a business SLA which is really absent from the broadband market.”


High speed connectivity. Competitive prices.

Woods goes on to say: “We’re in an evolving world and traditional on-site solutions are beginning to migrate to centralised and cloud-based systems, underlining the need for stable, high-speed and cost-effective connectivity.”

This is something swcomms needs to react if it is to meet its growth targets of increasing its business by 25 per cent over the next three years.

Interoute’s services will have a central role to play in this, as it seeks to deliver these capabilities at the best possible price. These savings can then be passed directly on to customers, helping swcomms maintain its position as a leading communication supplier. 


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