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Interoute Virtual Data Centre supports Deutsche Post messaging app in meeting sharp rises in user demand and keeping data securely in Germany.

The SIMSme messaging app from Deutsche Post guarantees users full control over their data and offers end-to-end message encryption. It has been tested and certified with the label "Trusted app", a seal for extremely secure apps awarded by security auditors mediaTest digital and TÜViT.

The app also has a special feature that allows users to set up and trigger the automatic self-destruction of particularly confidential messages after a few seconds. SIMSme is used by private users, the German public sector, as well as companies who place great importance on the security of their data.

We wanted to offer a safe messaging service



Scaling fast to meet user demand.

Marco Hauprich, Senior Vice President of Mobile & New Media at Deutsche Post



Right from its launch, SIMSme became an overnight success. In the first 12 hours the huge rush of new users signing up to chat, meant the SIMSme Interoute cloud computing resource had to scale up to over 30 times its original capacity just to keep pace with demand. 


Full control over data location.

Marco Hauprich, Senior Vice President of Mobile & New Media at Deutsche Post

Deutsche Post had high expectations of Interoute as its provider, as it in turn is accountable to its own customers in a special way. Marco Hauprich explains:  "Deutsche Post has guaranteed secure and confidential transport of messages for over 500 years. This now extends to popular instant messages between smartphones. We provide the world's best data protection, abiding by strict German laws, and without charging the user extra."


Global scalability with local customer support.

Marco Hauprich, Senior Vice President of Mobile & New Media at Deutsche Post

In addition to using the Interoute cloud, Deutsche Post is also a long-standing Interoute Managed Hosting customer. Interoute's MPLS network provides easy connectivity between cloud and dedicated hosting sites, ensuring both scalability and security within Germany as well as internationally to Interoute locations across Europe, USA and Asia. Interoute’s second German Virtual Data Centre location in Frankfurt also offers customers the option of a cloud-based disaster recovery solution on German soil. The combination of global reach and local presence was decisive for why Deutsche Post chose Interoute as its solution provider.


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