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At the forefront of innovation.

Founded in 1914, Danieli is one of the world’s top three suppliers of equipment and plants to the metal industry. Throughout its history Danieli has been an industry pioneer; it was one of the first Italian steelmaking plants to use Electronic Arc Furnaces and today is pushing the boundaries of technology to transform the way it sells to customers around the world. Over the last eight years Danieli has invested an average of 140 million Euros each year in

innovation, a firm commitment to remaining at the forefront of new developments. Interoute provides Danieli with a global digital backbone connecting 40 locations worldwide with 10 Gbs connectivity for DC consolidation and disaster recovery. With a turnover of 3 billion Euros (including 98% from exports) it’s vital that Danieli stays connected to the world.


A technology company leading the metal and steel industry.

Alexander Stewart, Executive Vice President ICT, Danieli

Global collaboration and communication are critical to continued innovation. Working with Interoute, Danieli has evolved from a metal and steel company to a technology company in the metal and steel industry. Danieli has over 10,000 employees worldwide in over 25 product lines and engineering offices and production facilities in Italy, Germany, Austria, France, Sweden, The Netherlands, Great Britain, Spain, USA, Thailand, China, Japan and India. It depends heavily on Interoute’s high speed and high performance digital network infrastructure to connect it’s offices and production facilities and for global communication and collaboration with customers and employees.


Transforming the support model to get closer to customers.

Alexander Stewart, Executive Vice President ICT, Danieli

Danieli is moving away from traditional telephone-based support for customers. Next generation customer support will include digital web portals giving customers access to useful new tools while also capturing vital data which will be used to support future sales activity. This new digital approach will deliver an improved customer experience while also providing a greater understanding of customer usage and needs.


Collaborating across countries.

Alexander Stewart, Executive Vice President ICT, Danieli

Significant investment in research and development is essential for maintaining and strengthening Danieli’s market leadership. Large customer projects can often involve employees from as many as five different countries; a key challenge for the organisation is to work efficiently large amounts of data in a multi-geographical environment. Face to face communication is essential for powerful and productive collaboration.

“Email culture has dominated until now… but it doesn’t work. You have ten people reading the same email, and each will perceive it ten different contexts. Visual communication is clearer – you can see expressions, read tone.” Alexander Stewart, Executive Vice President ICT, Danieli.

Interoute’s video conferencing platform provides an efficient, cost effective way to communicate while its network enables teams to share and collaborate seamlessly on big data projects unconstrained by location, resulting in better solutions for Danieli and its customers.


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