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Interoute helps cereno to deliver managed connectivity to customers large and small.

cereno was founded in 1999 under the trading name ISDN Datacom. Growing its solution portfolio to suit all types of companies, cereno is primarily a BT Wholesale Carrier provider which has expanded to specialise in web, audio and video conferencing and collaboration.

cereno provides a wide range of products, from telephony to broadband, xDSL, Ethernet solutions and MPLS. As a reseller cereno works closely with its partners, and has maintained a strong relationship with Interoute for over five years. 


An evolving marketplace.

cereno needed a partner with a global network and an established support structure.

Kelvin Cole, General Manager at cereno, explained: “We needed someone that would help us manage the infrastructure that we were putting out there; one of the major factors was that we need to rely on the back-office management and support levels, benefiting from the partner’s expertise and service capabilities.”

Cole also noted that many clients are now looking for improved reliability and speeds in their connectivity, with continued cost-effectiveness. “As the demand for the newly-available, stronger and more effective connectivity grows,” he added: “traditional DSL services rarely cut it anymore.”


The right tools for the job.

Kevin Cole, General Manager, cereno

Solutions such as Interoute bonded FTTC have proved to be particularly important to cereno by allowing the organisation to deliver Ethernet services at a much lower price, with a level of bandwidth that was previously out of reach for many of its customers. This technology plays a central role in ensuring tools such as cloud services are able to be accessed quickly and effectively by users.

Other Interoute solutions offered by cereno include Ethernet Internet Access, MPLS networks, and much more. Working with Interoute, cereno is able to equip its customers with the latest and best communication solutions to suit their needs. 


Getting closer to customers.

Kevin Cole, General Manager, cereno

Interoute’s high level of support is crucial to cereno: “We’re a small organisation selling to quite big customers, so we need to be very up on our game in terms of customer care which means factor like response times are very important to us,” said Cole.

"That’s where we differentiate from larger competitors – we’re much closer to our customers and much more aware of the importance of connectivity to them. We pay careful attention when they have an issue or a requirement – we consult to understand what best suit their needs and offer choice in services and carrier, all with the same level of support and management.”


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