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How to future-proof your cloud environment as your IT infrastructure evolves

Joel Crook, VDC Product Specialist
Thursday 27 April

Many enterprises are implementing a “cloud first” strategy, but with the wide selection of cloud providers how do you choose the one that best fits your business? The ideal cloud needs to match the requirements of your workloads, but more importantly it will need to be future-proofed and have the ability to accommodate the changing nature to your IT infrastructure.


How to approach Digital Transformation in the real world

Matthew Finnie, CTO
Wednesday 29 March

Digital innovation is disrupting enterprises across all industries, and many are feeling the pressure to respond to these changes. Whilst the digital transformation imperative is recognized, the greatest challenge is orchestrating the initiative at a company level and rationalizing technology to create a competitive advantage.

Join our webinar with Matthew Finnie, Interoute CTO, to find out how to overcome the challenges of your digital transformation initiatives to be more efficient, agile and competitive in today’s market.

IS SD-Wan the answer?

Mark Lewis, EVP Products and Development
Thursday 16 March

SDN, SD-WAN, NFV, Cloud? Understanding the hype in a market where new technologies lack clear definition is difficult at best.

Join Mark Lewis, Interoute’s EVP of Products and Development, to make sense of the evolving IT infrastructure landscape and how enterprises can deploy SD-WAN to ensure application performance is accelerated and assured.

Introduction to Interoute VDC

James Hooper, VDC Product Specialist
Thursday 08 December
Key learning points:
  • Understanding the risks of delivering cloud over public networks.
  • How to leverage private networks on the cloud.
  • Key considerations for enterprises hosting applications and data on the cloud
  • Addressing data privacy, data integrity and security concerns.

Object Storage for the Enterprise

James Hooper. VDC Product Specialist
Wednesday 09 November
Key learning points:
  • Understanding the benefits of object storage over traditional storage solutions..
  • Key considerations for enterprises including data sovereignty, multi-site replication and IT system integration.
  • The importance of network performance when moving or streaming large volumes of data.
  • A demonstration of the the key features of the Interoute Object Storage platform.