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Interoute Virtual Data Centre

Interoute Virtual Data Centre

Interoute Virtual Data Centre (VDC) is Interoute's scalable, fully automated Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution. Interoute VDC provides on-demand computing, storage and applications integrated into the heart of your IT infrastructure. It replaces the need to buy, manage and maintain physical IT infrastructure and is built into Interoute's fibre connected physical Data Centres world-wide. It's simple to provision, scalable, compliant and cost effective.


Key solution benefits:
  • Fully automated
  • Scalable and flexible
  • Easy migration
  • Online portal
  • European data centres
  • Public and private

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What is Interoute VDC?



Interoute VDC is a converged compute and network platform, CloudStore appliance marketplace and Knowledge Centre.


Public Cloud Simplicity, Private Cloud Security

Interoute VDC addresses the critical success factors of the IT manager when choosing whether to build a private cloud or buy a public one.

  • Public and private on the same platform - The integration of Interoute’s MPLS/IP network makes this a cloud delivered either using the Internet or as part of your corporate infrastructure, eliminating the cost and resource constraints of the private cloud.
  • Compliance – Interoute has the largest footprint, control and ownership of its own facilities in Europe, ensuring location and access control is sensitive to your demands.
  • Security – built into the fabric of Interoute’s MPLS network, Interoute VDC leverages the secure standard for corporate networking. MPLS provides "Internet any-to-any access" but with label separated security.
  • Integration – Interoute VDC can be used either to extend your web presence or build out your internal corporate IT infrastructure. Use our API to control your VDC infrastructure directly from you existing applications.
  • Architecture – Based on open standards this ensures that as technology changes, Interoute is able to lead, react and respond with a best in class service.
  • Fully automated backup and disaster recovery – Interoute VDC storage options include the ability to create local and remote copies of all your data with the click of a mouse; you can also schedule copies to be made automatically. Choose whether the volume you need is standalone, replicated locally or remotely in one of the other Interoute VDC Centre zones.



Our latest use cases

The European Space Agency uses Interoute VDC for its SuperSites Exploration platform, an innovative big data deployment in the cloud, which helps scientists study the Earth. Read the ESA case study

Neinver, a leading European property company, uses Interoute VDC for disaster recovery by integrating it into their corporate network in a hybrid cloud setup. Read the full case study


Marconi University uses Interoute VDC zone in Amsterdam for backup of educational materials, including lots of data rich media such as training videos. 
Read more about the Marconi VDC solution

UEFA uses Interoute VDC for test & development of its logistics platform. 


Interoute Virtual Data Centre has arrived just in time for Saatchi, as our latest e-marketing campaign involved staging videos that require a lot of resources and which we knew would attract a big audience. The flexibility of Interoute Virtual Data Centre has allowed us to increase our capacity to support hosting of large data volumes as well as a large number of connections: 2.5 million visitors in just a month and a half.

- Pierre Henri Tirloy, Head of Digital production at Saatchi & Saatchi + Duke