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Interoute provides a flexible storage infrastructure that allows customers to deploy the storage its systems need, avoiding the cost of unused disk space.

Each virtual machine has a fixed system disk, sized to contain the Operating System (OS) and common server applications. This is achieved, the same way as in the enterprise data centre, by use of external block storage to the servers.

Enterprise block storage can be attached to a virtual machine. The size of each volume is defined at the time of creation, but can be changed to meet the requirements of the business.  You can even add multiple volumes to a single virtual machine. As with any block storage device customers can format the attached volumes with the preferred OS/file system variant or use the device raw.

Once attached and the virtual machine powered on, application data can then be written to these volumes. When the machine is un-deployed, the data will persist on the volume and may, if required, be mounted onto an alternative machine.

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Storage Protection

Interoute offers a number of External Block Storage (EBS) protection options within the platform to meet the requirements of the customer solution.

EBS Storage
This tier provides the standard resiliency built into the storage platform in a single location. All Storage volumes are provisioned on an HA enterprise class SAN environment using in a RAID configuration ensuring non-disruptive operations.

Protected EBS Storage
This tier provides customers with a local snapshot of your data volume automatically, once you select the desired Protected EBS Tier. From within the VDC console, the infrastructure automatically snaps the volume every 4 hours and stores the snapshots for a minimum of 28 days. 

Geo-Protected EBS Storage
This tier provides customers with a remote snapshot of your disc image or data volume automatically, based on a predefined pair. Volumes are snapped every 4 hours and the snapshots are stored for a minimum of 28 days.