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Interoute Dark Fibre Network

Interoute Dark Fibre Network

Interoute’s dark fibre network allows you to lease optical fibre cables or “dark fibre” as opposed to leasing bandwidth on our network.  Accessing our dark fibre network allows for a completely bespoke service that is tailored to your firm’s unique requirements. We offer a wide variety of wavelengths via DWDM (Dense Wave Division Multiplexing) and the network is designed to handle 40 GB and 100 GB traffic.

Our dark fibre services are designed to put you in complete control of your network. Our dark fibre network provides total flexibility in the choice of service platforms you wish to employ. You can choose to overlay any protocol and be safe in the knowledge that expansion and full control are firmly in your own hands.



Our network has been geographically designed as a series of rings with multiple interconnecting points between each ring. This provides the user with flexible design options based on ring, mesh or point-point architecture. Amplifier spacing has been carefully considered to provide our customers with the flexibility to choose from a wide range of equipment, vendors and technologies and with a view on 40 GB and 100GB standards.

Via our dark fibre network you can connect directly to our network of 12 data centres, 14 virtual data centres and 31 colocation centres across 21 city networks based in 30 countries. Dark fibre is also the perfect solution for deploying your own VPN or connecting your own network of data centres or business locations.


Dark Fibre Benefits

  • The most recent of the large pan-European network deployments gives you the most future-proof option and it will have the longest life
  • Comprehensive fibre management provides pinpoint details of where faults occur thus speeding up fix times
  • Our ownership from the Duct upwards means you are dealing directly with the maintenance party for the fibre and thus reduces any down-the-line delays.
  • Europe's largest deployment of homogenous fibre simplifies planning and building of overlying network platforms
  • Large Metropolitan Fibre networks provide you with the confidence that end-to-end services can be provided by one supplier
  • Our ability to build and acquire off footprint networks provides you with a one stop shop tailored solution for all your European network requirement
  • Excellent customer support in 15 languages
  • PMD optical fibre network
  • Multiple dark fibre rings

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