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Enterprise Services

Simplifying the delivery and management of ICT infrastructure. Allowing our customers flexibility to change the service they receive as their business needs dictate.

Wholesale Infrastructure Services

Benefit from the largest, most advanced, fibre network to offer you state of the art telecommunication and colocation services across our European footprint and beyond.

Channel Partner Programmes

Sell services using the Interoute network. Our partner programmes enable you to reach and access core capabilities of our network and offer them as part of your own offering.

About Us



Interoute was born out of a vision to connect the business hubs of Europe with Europe’s largest, fastest and most advanced fibre optic network. Completed in 2002, today this network forms a massive platform connecting nearly 200 data centres and colocation facilities across Europe, and interconnecting America, Africa and Asia. Interoute provides Connectivity, Communications and Computing services to international enterprises, global telecommunication service providers, mobile operators, governments and channel partners.

Interoute was originally designed to serve European telecoms operators with high capacity, big bandwidth services, and we continue to support every major telecoms operator in Europe today.  As demand for digital communications has grown, Interoute expanded its portfolio and expertise to provide international enterprises with infrastructure products, managed solutions and applications. Continually ahead of the market, Interoute is at the forefront of cloud services, delivering innovative virtualized services across our network and data centres. Today more than 60% of Interoute’s business is from enterprises, while 40% comes from wholesale customers.

Today people and customers across the globe rely on Interoute’s cloud based services and our lit fibre network,  which connects 30 countries, 102 cities, 12 Data Centres, 31 colocation centres and has connections to an additional 140 partner owned data centres. Our network also serves as the landing point for subsea cables from the Africa, Asia, The Middle East and Europe, making Interoute the digital bridge between North and South and East and West.

Originally the vision of the Sandoz Family Foundation, that investor was joined later by the Kingdom of Dubai. Today, Interoute is an independent, operationally profitable business.

Interoute is governed by a Board of Directors led by Gabriel Prêtre from the Sandoz Family Foundation. The Board comprises: 

  • Gabriel Prêtre, Chairman
  • Robert McNeal, Vice Chairman
  • Deepak Padmanabhan, EITL
  • Nikhil Patil, EITL
  • Gareth Williams, CEO

All enquiries for the Interoute Board should initially be directed to the executive office of the CEO, Interoute.